Hello there,
my name is Simona, I’m a designer.

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About me


Dreaming to be a medieval sleuth riding a dragon I often wonder how I ended up spinning gold from straw in Silicon Valley.


Over ten years
consulting and in house

I have over 10 years of experience as a designer, I have worked as a consultant and as an in-house designer.

In my consultant capacity I have helped start-ups (Joyus, Polyvore, Hautelook...) and Fortune 500s (Intuit, eBay, the North Face) alike to bring their vision to life, balancing innovation with execution.

Before that, I led a number of high profile strategy projects at eBay where, working with the executive team, I introduced the discipline of vision-typing.

Design Praxis & Passion

Systems are my bread,
beauty is my butter.

I strive to design engaging systems that lead interaction without belying common sense.

Empathy and omnivorous curiosity about the world are my sources of inspiration.

I have always craved for mental exaltation and I’m on an endless quest for knowledge (the more obscure and apparently useless, the better).

15 seconds of fame

Stun gun shoes
anyone? :-)

I have enjoyed my 15 seconds of fame in the blogosphere with my “Electric Cinderella” project, apparently there are a lot of women out there who would enjoy a pair of transparent stun gun shoes ;)

My wearable innovation projects have been featured in AIGA’s 2003 list of best student projects and in exhibitions around the world (Turin, London, Perth, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Las Vegas).


I am a creative thinker and an avid problem solver, my mind can rest only when all the pieces fall in the right place.

Brand & Strategy

UX Design


Concept Design

What’s my job?
Helping you achieve your business goals
by best engaging the user’s mind and senses.
I like nonsense, it wakes up the mind.


Say hello or drop me a line if you have an interesting job you want me to consider.